How To Write An Effective Medical Job Ad

What do you, as an employer, do when you need to hire a new employee? Most of you would probably answer: “That’s easy! Of course you write a brief job description and post it to the most accessible job board online.” For most medical establishments and medical job advertisers, finding a new staff member can be a pretty daunting task do you do when you need to find a medical staff.

Even in the healthcare industry, the challenge of finding and hiring qualified people increases; especially hiring doctors and nurses as well as allied health professionals with distinct skills or specialisation. As such, an employer’s approach should not be: “If I post it, they will certainly come.”

According to a recent Career Builder survey, nearly eighty percent of employers believe in the usefulness of posting jobs on job boards. To some employers, it serves as a downright expression of their brand. Seventy-five percent agree that it also produces key data and insight on the effectiveness of their recruitment strategy.

If you really want to find the right candidate for the position, take the time to create a well-written job advertisement and choose wisely where to post it. It’s a bit more effort upfront, but it will significantly upgrade your job ad from average to exceptional that will surely stand out and be noticed by the top qualified job candidates. Here’s how to go about it:

Develop a data-driven strategy

Here are five important points to consider before writing a job posting:

  1. Difficulty in recruiting for the open position.  Simply considering how tough it can be to select candidates for the position will help you prepare and establish a practical recruitment strategy that will help you `select a suitable candidate within a reasonable timeframe.
  2. Location of your potential candidates.  Where can they be found?  Which online platforms will be effective to maximise the visibility of your job posting?
  3. How much salary should you offer? Often, this will require a little research so you can indicate an appealing compensation range that still falls reasonable for your organisation’s budget. It also helps to state the salary clearly. Even if some companies prefer not to indicate the exact figure they are offering for an open position it would be ideal to at least provide a salary range or include bonuses and incentives.
  4. Where are candidates coming from? Again, this will make use of insights you can obtain from data available in your area or via online research that will help to focus your recruitment efforts.
  5. Grasp an understanding of the talent landscape. Acknowledge that you are not the only employer looking for the best candidates. Be able to identify who you are competing for candidates as this will crucially help in deciding the final factors to include in your job posting. Again, data can offer you insights.

Use the job ad to get the right person

One of the most effective way to avoid wasting time on conducting numerous interviews with job applicants who do not meet your qualifications and as such cannot provide your company’s needs is to write an a job ad that will attract qualified candidates and turn away unqualified candidates..

Write job descriptions that compel candidates to apply

Make sure your medical job postings have the following must-haves:

An attractive job title. Make sure the job has a catchy title and the advertisement has an engaging description as one without the other will only get you so far

Include your company’s general industry and the common name or generic title for the position you are looking for. This will help set a very vivid picture of what your company do and who you are looking for to fill the role. This also makes your job posting appealing to a more focused set of candidates.

Clear qualifications or skills. Do you clearly outline what skills are mandatory to perform the job?

Ask a real question. Asking a quick but real question or presenting a problem for candidates to solve shows that you’re interested in how they think and gives you the added benefit of seeing them in action. Sometimes the qualifications or skills they indicate can only say so much about a candidate’s potential fit and value, but their response to your question or how they provided a solution to a real problem can reveal their true worth.

State the work location clearly. Give a clear picture of what the work setup will be at the workplace especially if they are expected to relocate or telecommute.

Advancement opportunities.  If at all possible, briefly include a statement about how candidates will develop as the organisation develops. For most job seekers, it is crucial that they understand how their career will develop being with a company. As such, give them a glimpse of the career advancement they can expect down the road, not just when they start.

Post in the right places and share on social media. If possible, establish a voice-driven approach. If you want to target young and energetic people then you, as a company, also need to show that you invite young and energetic candidates. But equally important is where you post. For example, you can re-post on your social media channels like on Facebook when looking for employees at the base level.

Use photos and utilise a video.  Make your job posting stand out with a picture of the work office, the building, or perhaps include a company infographic —some visual representation of what can be done. You can also embed a YouTube video which is a much spectacular and innovative means of showing a “day in the life” of the job and your company so potential candidates can meet some of the key individuals they will be working with, see the office or workplace and get a feel for your vibe before they think of applying?

A well-written and creative job advertisement or job posting will not only attract the right sort of applicants. It will also portray you and, more importantly, the company as an innovative business establishment that practices dynamic creativity to everything you do. Remember, when you’re writing a job ad, you are effectively marketing the company as well, so put in your best effort to come up with an outstanding job ad and you’ll reap the benefits on all sorts of levels.

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