Why you’re not Australia’s leading medical recruitment agency

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Did you know that I have circumnavigated the world in a canoe? I know twenty ways to incapacitate you with a teaspoon. I also hold world records in upside-down kite surfing and cat herding.

Do these sound like plausible claims? The thing about the internet is that I can write just about anything and put the onus on you to either believe me (or not), or prove what I say to be untrue. Actually, one of those claims above is true, but I’ll let you guess which!

Over my ten years working in the medical recruitment industry, I have seen many agencies claim to be “Australia’s leading medical recruitment agency”.

I often wonder – is there something I’ve missed? Is there a great omnipotent being handing down a proclamation to recruitment agencies from the clouds? In my imagination, it goes something like this (in a great booming voice):

“Thou art Australia’s leading medical recruitment agency from this day henceforth. Those whosoever shall question this commandment will be smoten!”

Perhaps it is because of this omnipotence that we, the mere mortal (and possibly heathen) agencies are not party to the reasons these agencies are the ‘leading’ ones. As I understand it, the criteria for ‘leading’ status is simply that one either receives the divine message, or is simply willing to write it on their website.

I think the reasons agencies might link to being the ‘leading’ one could be:

-the most candidates

-the bestest clients

-a big list of jobs

-reward program


-a cool website

-happy candidates and clients

….and the list goes on.


These are solid criteria for a good recruitment agency. If an agency meets some or all of these criteria, I think it is quite reasonable to say “We’re a good recruitment agency”, or even “People say XYZ about us”, or “We’re the preferred agency for XYZ project”, or “We’ve won these awards…”. That way, candidates and clients can decide for themselves what is actually important to them.

However, in the absence of actual, quantitative comparison, I am simply unsure of how an agency can claim to be ‘leading’; if they don’t know exactly what other agencies are doing. Do they have a secret source on the inside of every medical recruitment agency in Australia reporting financial figures back to them?

I encourage other agencies to be a little more humble, if not more specific about their claims. For example, I could say: “Beat Medical is Australia’s leading medical recruitment agency based in Wollongong opposite the hospital and 7-11, in a grey/blue building”. That’s a bit of a mouthful though. I think I’ll stick with our simple tagline “Recruitment Beyond Expectations”. Yes, it’s a little nebulous, but if you work with us, you will find out what it means.

Big claims are only worth the service that backs them up. If ‘Australia’s leading medical recruitment agency’ doesn’t bother to call you back, that makes them the leaders at sucking.

It’s a fast-changing medical recruitment market, and as agencies, we work with an insanely intelligent group of people, with a very sensitive bullsh*t meter. Agencies who make wild claims quickly develop a bad reputation. It’s that simple.

That being said, I have been constantly impressed and humbled by my interaction with other medical recruitment agencies who are leaders in their respective areas of operation. They are often small (and by the way, the most profitable), sometimes big, and employ some really knowledgeable, smart recruiters.

If you promote the idea that you’re Australia’s leading recruitment agency, you’re most likely not. Claims such as these do not differentiate, they are simply hyperbole. Meaningless claims are not helpful, but collaboration is. Collaboration between great agencies is a key to really providing excellent service to all of our customers. If we don’t step up our game, we’ll be a thing of the past.

In the meantime, Beat Medical hasn’t yet received the divine message, but we’re waiting for it.

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