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Why you don’t want to get a ham from me this Christmas

Get a ham from me this Christmas

You don’t want to receive a ham from me this Christmas. If you do, you have failed miserably at customer service.

Let me provide some background to that statement with a story.

Despite the laws of gravity, I have recently taken up mountain biking. Voluntarily, as a full grown adult man, this is something I have decided to do.

One of the things about any type of cycling is that there are a lot of accessories. Already I have a new helmet (mostly due to damaging mine in an unplanned roll down a hill), and after a ride over the weekend, I decided to take the plunge and upgrade my pedals. It’s not exactly ‘pimp my bike’ proportions of upgrade, but it’s something that will hopefully help tip the balance in my fight against lack of skill.

So, I went to the bike store, armed with information from internet research about exactly the type of pedals I want. I had to get my bike serviced anyway, so I had a reason to go. I was ready to pull the trigger on the new pedals, ready to spend in their store.

However, I was met with a less than helpful store assistant. He didn’t seem to know much about what I was looking for, and said they “might” have something like what I wanted in stock in a few weeks. Might. In a few weeks.

I found myself on the receiving end of flaky, wishy-washy, poor service.

Unfortunately, as a medical recruitment agency, bad service is one of our biggest sources of candidates and clients. That is, a doctor or employer will talk to another medical recruitment agency, and their customer service is so incredibly bad that they immediately look for different options.

I have to admit that there is one particular agency (Australia’s ‘Leading’ agency, no less) that is sending more candidates our way than many of our advertising campaigns. If you receive a ham from me this Christmas, you’ll know you’re that agency (just to say “Thanks!”).

The two biggest complaints about some agencies are lack of experience, and not returning calls. We even hear stories of some agencies that cancel shifts if they can find a more lucrative option.

It’s the simple stuff that is so easy to get right, and there are so many people out there not even coming close to the mark. Just like the guy in the bike store.

We train our recruiters to be responsive, decisive, and to get back to people quickly. We don’t always have an answer to your problem or need, but we will always communicate with you. We have a clear no bullshit rule, and we stand by that.

As an example, I recently spoke with a GP who was looking for a locum job. She was ready to work, and a very qualified candidate. As many people new to locuming do, she had registered with almost every agency imaginable.

We weren’t the first agency she registered with, but several days after having contacted a number of agencies, no-one had called her. We had her in a fantastic four week job within days (with much more pay than she expected). What was most surprising was that two weeks into her first placement, one of the agencies called her for the first time. It took them almost three weeks to get back to her. It took us less than 30 minutes.

That said, there are some excellent medical recruitment agencies in Australia, with some amazing recruiters. Many of these recruiters I see as examples of what a recruiter should be, and to me, they are the ones who are ‘leading’ the industry. I am also very proud of the team we have at Beat Medical, and the consistent positive feedback we receive.

So, back to the new pedals for my bike. Long story short, I bought them online. I’ll never provide feedback to the bike store, because I have so many easy alternatives that it doesn’t matter enough to me.

And, if you are a certain medical recruiter, look out for a ham-shaped package this Christmas. Though, since it is only April it’s not too late to change your ways.

Since we know that the foundation of great customer service is adding value, we’re offering our Free eBook ‘What 95% of Healthcare Professionals Aren’t Doing To Prepare For Their Next Job Interview‘ with a bonus CV guide. 


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