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Why work with a medical recruitment agency anyway?

medical recruitment agency

There are a great many medical jobs available in Australia these days, and sometimes it’s not so easy to find the right person for the role. Some hospitals and practices might need a hand in locating great candidates for the position they need filled, or it might be that a job seeker needs help finding good opportunities that fit their skills. In either case, medical recruitment agencies can be an invaluable resource. Everyone knows these types of agencies help, but not everyone knows just how much. Today, we’ll look at why these agencies are such a benefit to the industry.

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Excellent Expertise

The fact is that most hospitals have an excellent HR department, but recruitment agencies tend to have an even greater level of expertise in staffing and human resources. Also, in the case of industry specific agencies, they often have extensive knowledge of the particular industry they’re involved in which gives them a distinct advantage in terms of recruiting. Also, it can save time as agencies can typically complete the process a quicker than an in-house HR team.

Reduced Cost

Using medical recruitment agencies, whether for locum or permanent positions, can result in a significant reduction in the costs associated with the hiring of adequate staff in order to recruit applicants. Also, since recruitment agencies handle the complete employment process, they also help to relieve employers of the costs related to background investigation, drug screening, and pre-employment testing. Additionally, employers will also save money in the areas of payroll processing as well as benefits administration. 

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A Larger Network

Recruitment agencies have another benefit in the form of their larger network. They have access to a much bigger field of available workers than any one employer would. Employers who are seeking to hire on their own would have to advertise their job openings, conduct candidate interviews, and process all the documents needed for each new hire. Recruitment agencies, however, typically have established relationships with certain workers that they’ve already screened and identified as being conscientious, reliable, and dependable. With these types of workers in their arsenal, agencies can fill an employment vacancy in just a few day days, or perhaps even in just a few hours. 

Improved Retention

Employers that utilise recruitment agencies to find temporary or locum employees have a great opportunity to be able to observe the employee’s qualifications, work habits, and performance before choosing to offer that worker a more permanent job. Doing so helps to cut down on turnover which sometimes occurs when trial periods come to an end. Also, it allows both the employer and the employee to be certain that the role is a great fit. By using recruitment agencies for placements, employers can see tremendous savings in terms of training costs and turnover as well as improvements in things like employee morale.

These are some of the top benefits that recruitment agencies can offer, but they’re not the only ones. If you’re trying to fill a key spot in your hospital or your practice, trying an agency might be just what you need to find the best person for the job.

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