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In the busy life of a doctor, career management might seem like an abstract, irrelevant concept. Who has time for career planning when you have to work long hours in a high pressure job?  It’s easy to get consumed by the demands of your day to day work, concentrating on the present. But for a doctor, career planning could be the difference between a fulfilling job and a mediocre one.

Earlier in May, Beat Medical conducted a career management training session for doctors from the Wollongong Hospital RMO Association. Topics covered included how to write and improve your CV, how to handle interviews, and general career planning.

We had an overwhelmingly positive response from the attendees and have decided to hold similar sessions online so more doctors can benefit. Not only did the seminar attendees find the content useful and applicable to their situations, their feedback has encouraged us to create new content, based on the issues they are facing themselves as doctors.

We want to use these webinars to share our professional experience and help you be the best applicant when applying for your dream job. Topics for future webinars will include:

-Obvious mistakes to avoid on your CV

– Interview skills intensive

-Working as a locum – benefits and pitfalls

-Career planning

-How to make the most of your experience

Our webinars are completely free for AHPRA registered healthcare professionals (and students). The webinars can be attended from the convenience of your own home or workplace (via computer, or tablet device). If you want to improve your job-seeking skills and learn what is expected of doctors in today’s competitive job market, sign up for our next careers webinar now.

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