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What Are Employers Looking For On Medical CVs?

Medical CVs

When you’re writing your medical CV for a new position, or a locum job, have you ever looked at it from the perspective of the reader? Generally speaking, the people reviewing your CV are time-poor, and aren’t able to spend hours sifting through your application to find what they need. Here are a few tips to make sure your healthcare CV helps and not hinders your application.


Format – Do away with the crazy fonts and colours. There are two acceptable fonts – Arial, and Times New Roman (but not both at once). Single or 1.5 spaced. Black. That’s it.

Tailor It –Review the position description and selection criteria, and put the most relevant information front and centre on the document. Don’t make a busy consultant look for basic information.

Experience Up Front – When you’re applying for a position in a particular profession (e.g. nurse, dentist, physio, etc) or speciality (General Practice, Surgery, O&G, etc), it’s a given that you have the right training and qualifications. Of course, training should appear on your CV, but highlight your experience and skills before education.

Work Backwards– When you are listing your experience, put the most recent positions first. Sure, it’s interesting that you were an intern in 1987, but the most recent positions are what we are looking for.

Brevity Is The Soul Of Wit – Keep it as short as possible. Enough said.

Send It To A Friend – Get someone to proof-read your CV before you send it anyway. Ask someone who won’t be afraid to give you honest (i.e. harsh) feedback.

Follow The Rules– If the employer or agency asks for specific information, make sure it is on there.


Sometimes, differentiating yourself for a medical position is less about standing out, but more about making your application readable and accessible to the reader. It’s just the first hurdle in the application process, and a gateway to giving you a time to shine in interview.


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