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With a growing gap between the needs of the community and the medical workforce, getting doctors to the right place at the right time is becoming an increasing challenge.

In partnership with a number of other organisations, today we are launching Beat Health VR – a technological solution for workforce shortages.

Using the latest virtual reality devices, and cutting-edge robotics and drones, our doctors, nurses, and allied health staff will be able to treat patients anywhere, from anywhere. Nothing is out of reach, from basic consultations and prescriptions, to complete surgeries done via virtual reality.

Eventually, the aim is that all of the healthcare professionals who work with us in facilities around Australia will be able to work from an office, or home. If human intervention is required, our roving medical teams will be dispatched by drone, or a specially-designed fast hot air balloon.

Initially, we’re recruiting up to 100 doctors for the pilot program. Equipment and training will be provided. Speak with our recruitment consultant April Füles to learn more.

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