Top 5 Annoying Habits of Medical Recruiters

Annoying Habits of Medical Recruiters

If you’re looking for a new health care position, working with a medical recruiter can be a great way to save time during the job search and negotiation process. It’s not always as simple as that, though, as not every recruiter is made equal.

In every profession, there are some annoying habits we wish didn’t exist, and recruitment is certainly no exception to that. Often, recruiters are inexperienced, and simply follow the example shown by their managers and peers. They often don’t last long.

Here are the top five annoying habits of medical recruiters we hear about from doctors, nurses, and other professionals working with us:


1. Promising anything so you will agree to the job


Sure, there’s a swim up-pool bar at the hotel. Absolutely, you can bring your poodle on the plane. Sure, the client will triple the rate. Private helicopter? No worries! No, you won’t need to see any patients in that job.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


2. Calling Out of Nowhere


You’re on an evening shift, and the switchboard pages you at 9.55 pm. It’s someone asking for the medical registrar, and since it’s night time and the caller seems to know what they’re talking about, you take the call. It doesn’t start off well:
“Hi, is that the medical registrar? It’s Jake here from ABC Medical Recruitment, and I just wanted to touch base about a new position we’re recruiting for. Are you interested in locuming?”.

Have you ever received a call like this?


3.Contact you about jobs that have no relevance to you


“I’ve got a great opportunity for you, great pay, fantastic location. Nursing Unit Manager of the kids ward at Great Western Hospital”

“But I’m a physiotherapist….?”


4. Being your ‘bestie’ on social media


You have had an initial conversation with a recruiter, and the next thing you know, your inbox is full of social media requests. If you’re in a good mood, you might even ‘friend’ them. Before you know it, you’re being tagged in posts, and simultaneously contacted through various social media outlets about upcoming work. It’s a decision you might regret.

5. Using nonsensical buzz words


“Hey, I’m just calling to touch base about this new opportunity that we have. We’re sourcing candidates for a talent pool, and wondering if we can float you to get you onboarded?”

I don’t really know what that means, and I am a recruiter.


These are just some of the many bad habits of medical recruiters. No agency is immune to them, but at Beat Medical we only select the best recruiters in the country to work within our business.

Don’t believe that claim? Make up your own mind by becoming a Beat Medical Insider today.



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