The hidden curriculum in surgery says it's not for women

Despite more than 15 years of gender parity in Australian medical education, women remain underrepresented in surgery. The proportion of female surgical trainees is rising, but more slowly than in other specialties. Of just over 1,000 surgical…
Female doctors in Australia
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Female doctors in Australia are hitting glass ceilings – why?

Helen Dickinson, University of Melbourne and Marie Bismark, University of Melbourne Over the past 30 years, there have been some great achievements in gender equity. The number of women enrolled in professional degrees, such as law and medicine,…
forgotten Australian women doctors
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The forgotten Australian women doctors of the Great War

The War Office regrets it cannot utilise the services of women doctors – Sydney Morning Herald, May 10, 1915. From the outbreak of the first world war until late 1916, military officialdom throughout the British Empire denied women doctors…
Bullying & Harassment

RACS Releases Draft Report On Bullying & Harassment

When I was responsible for a JMO Management Unit in a public hospital, I often saw the devastating effects of bullying and harassment in the medical profession, particularly in surgery. The case that stays in my memory is that of a poorly performing…
Woman Doctor
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Book Excerpt: Burning the Short White Coat: A Story of Becoming a Woman Doctor

In “Burning the Short White Coat: A Story of Becoming a Woman Doctor,” author Dr. Eve Shvidler narrates the humor and heartbreak in love and medicine through young medical student Elle Gallagher. A medical chick-lit novel, “Burning the…