The doctor will tweet you now – but should he face disciplinary action for doing so?

Many bosses would argue that mixing work with social media is not a good idea. Just ask Christian Solomonides, a hospital consultant who was recently suspended after he admitted posting strongly worded messages on Twitter. The tweets included…
Online brand building
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Building your online brand in healthcare

In Australia, as in many other countries, having an online presence is becoming a 'must-have'. In the medical field, having a positive online brand can make a difference when you're looking for jobs or looking for a more senior position. There…
Social Media Profile
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5 Ways Your Social Media Profile Could Sabotage Your Next Medical Job Application

Social media is a powerful tool for healthcare professionals. It can educate, help engage, and inform. However, it is now commonplace for employers and recruiters to run searches on social media before making a final employment decision. While…