Would You Hire You? Reflecting On Your Medical CV

What is it about looking in the mirror that can be so hard sometimes? Have you ever spent a good 5 or 10 minutes just gazing into the mirror? It's unsettling because we're not automatically programmed for self-awareness and criticism. In…
CV Isn't Right
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Why Your CV Isn't Right For Locum Jobs

It’s a Sunday morning, and you’re finally getting around to putting up that new bike rack in the garage. You break out the tools, and see that you’re going to need a 45mm drill bit for the job. The thing is, you’ve only got a 15mm bit.…
Medical CV
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Free Webinar - 7 Obvious Mistakes To Avoid On Your Medical CV (+ free CV template)

In this free webinar designed specifically for healthcare professionals, we will cover what you must know before you create or revise your medical CV. We'll also be releasing our free CV template exclusively to attendees of this webinar (it's…
Medical CVs
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What Are Employers Looking For On Medical CVs?

When you're writing your medical CV for a new position, or a locum job, have you ever looked at it from the perspective of the reader? Generally speaking, the people reviewing your CV are time-poor, and aren't able to spend hours sifting through…
Advice from a Medical Leader
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Tips for the Perfect Job: Advice from a Medical Leader

Recruitment season is upon us and I can’t wait. It’s my favorite time of year. The CVs pile into the database and we sift through the resumes, searching for candidates that would make a great fit for our organisation. Next, I get on the…
Goldfish-Proof Medical CV Summary
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How To Write A Goldfish-Proof Medical CV Summary

A recent article revealed that the average human attention span has decreased from 12 seconds to 8 seconds in the past fifteen years. In contrast, goldfish are thought to have an attention span of around 9 seconds. While there may be a…