Recruiting Doctors, Nurses, and Dentists - What Is The Future?

The face of healthcare recruitment is changing. Years ago, a quick ad in a national newspaper would have yielded more than enough applications. Then came online recruitment, and then social recruitment. Running parallel to that, there are…

How To Write An Effective Medical Job Ad

What do you, as an employer, do when you need to hire a new employee? Most of you would probably answer: “That’s easy! Of course you write a brief job description and post it to the most accessible job board online.” For most medical establishments…
'A Plus' Medical Reference
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5 Tips To An 'A Plus' Medical Reference

One of the most neglected parts of the medical job application process is reference checks. You might spend hours toiling away on your CV and cover letter, but only give half a thought to your list of referees. We get it - you don't like asking…
Life in Medicine

Finding the Balance in a Life in Medicine

By Dr Eve Shvidler  “As a mom and a doctor, what advice would you give a third year medical student trying to choose a specialty?” the bright-eyed med student asked me. Her smile was ear to ear and I didn’t want to burst her bubble.…
Medical Recruiter Pull Their Hair Out
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8 Things That Will Make Your Medical Recruiter Pull Their Hair Out

So, you're considering some locum work, or some casual shifts. Maybe you are a junior doctor, a nurse, or a general practitioner. Where do you start? Perhaps you'll start looking in familiar places - in the emails you get from your college…
Healthcare Job
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Emerging Trends in Healthcare Jobs for 2015 and Beyond

According to a report by Deloitte, healthcare features heavily in the top 25 highest growth sectors of the Australian economy over the next 20 years. Already, many of the sectors are dominating the healthcare recruitment market as areas of key…
Advice from a Medical Leader
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Tips for the Perfect Job: Advice from a Medical Leader

Recruitment season is upon us and I can’t wait. It’s my favorite time of year. The CVs pile into the database and we sift through the resumes, searching for candidates that would make a great fit for our organisation. Next, I get on the…
Die at weekends
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Hospital patients are more likely to die at weekends but seven-day rosters are no panacea

If you are admitted to a hospital on the weekend, you have a higher chance of dying than if you are admitted during the week. This is known as the “weekend effect”. Evidence from the United Kingdom suggests an 11-16% increased risk of…
Working As A Locum
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10 Things To Do Before Working As A Locum

So, you think you're ready to work as a locum? Just like any job, there is some preparation and thought that goes into the process that you may not have necessarily considered. Whether you're working as a locum doctor, a physiotherapist, or…

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Emergency Locums In Australia

Senior Emergency Doctors

We have significant capability in staffing regional and remote hospitals and facilities with senior emergency staff, including experienced non-specialists, as well as FACEM consultants. They can be deployed in either an inpatient or remote area…