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Why You Need A Retainer Payment As A GP

Whether you're looking for a GP position as a new fellow of the college, or you are an experienced GP, remuneration is going to be an important consideration for your next job. As background, General Practitioners in Australia are generally…
Red Tape Tangle
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The Red Tape Tangle Of Medicare

This week, there has been parliamentary attention towards the incredible waiting list for additional location provider numbers in Australia for doctors. As a medical recruitment agency, we talk to Medicare every day to follow up on provider…
Working as a GP
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How To: Working as a GP Locum in Regional, Remote, and Rural Areas

With an acute shortage of doctors in regional, remote, and rural areas in Australia, there are growing opportunities for GPs to work in locum and FIFO positions. Before you get started, there are some things you need to consider before committing…
Job interview with scrubs
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Dressing For A Funeral - What Not To Wear To Your Next Medical Job Interview

I am sitting across from Michael in the interview room. He has applied for a medical job at the hospital I am recruiting for. He has performed well in the past year, and there is no reason he shouldn’t get the job. As we start the preliminary…
Rate as a junior doctor locum
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How to get the best rate as a junior doctor locum

I was speaking with a junior doctor a few weeks ago, and he mentioned that he would never consider locuming. Of course, I was curious as to why this was the case. He said that he had heard that the rates aren't so good, and he can make more…