8 Common Misconceptions About Medical Job Interviews In Australia

Preparing for a job interview is sometimes like stepping into the great unknown. Whether you’re applying for a position in a medical training program, a locum job or as a new consultant, there is often a sense of uncertainty about going into…
Advice from a Medical Leader
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Tips for the Perfect Job: Advice from a Medical Leader

Recruitment season is upon us and I can’t wait. It’s my favorite time of year. The CVs pile into the database and we sift through the resumes, searching for candidates that would make a great fit for our organisation. Next, I get on the…
Medical Job Application
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The Top 5 Cliches Never To Use In A Medical Job Application

Are you still using worn-out phrases on your applications? The job application process can be a stressful and bewildering process for healthcare professionals. Whether you’re applying for an RN position, a GP job or a JMO locum position,…
Medical Reference

4 Ways to Guarantee a Bad (or Lukewarm) Medical Reference

The Worst Way To Ask Someone for A Reference When trying to pull together references for a job application, the most important thing is to avoid the Lukewarm Reference of Death. This reference isn’t scathing, but isn’t particularly glowing…