Would You Hire You? Reflecting On Your Medical CV

What is it about looking in the mirror that can be so hard sometimes? Have you ever spent a good 5 or 10 minutes just gazing into the mirror? It's unsettling because we're not automatically programmed for self-awareness and criticism. In…
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Why We Haven’t Seen The End Of FIFO Medical Jobs

Fly-In-Fly-Out (FIFO) medical positions exist either because of a skills shortage of a given location, or simply because the position is in such a remote place (or offshore) that it requires someone from somewhere else to do the job. Recently,…
business colleagues
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How to deal with workplace romances gone wrong

Workplace romances aren't an uncommon occurrence. In Australia, and most anywhere else for that matter, coworkers can gravitate to one another and relationships can form. Sometimes, they can be quite beautiful and can become long-lasting, even…
Online brand building
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Building your online brand in healthcare

In Australia, as in many other countries, having an online presence is becoming a 'must-have'. In the medical field, having a positive online brand can make a difference when you're looking for jobs or looking for a more senior position. There…
Medical Career Goals

How To Smash Your Medical Career Goals in 2016

Everyone wants to have a great career, and every career, even one in Medicine, has different things that make it great. Anyone you ask will probably tell you that setting proper goals is the way to find success, but then the trick becomes how…
Medical Job Applications
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5 Useful Pieces Of Technology For Medical Job Applications

Finding a healthcare career position in Australia is becoming increasingly competitive, corporatised, and technological. Human resources managers and other bosses have so many CV’s and cover letters coming across their desks, that they only…
Baffling Interview Questions
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How to Answer Baffling Interview Questions

Often the most terrifying part of finding a medical job in Australia is facing the interview that comes before it. Most people find it difficult to go into an interview without being a bit fearful, apprehensive, or just plain nervous. It’s…
Healthcare Management
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How to Get to the Top in Healthcare Management

Everyone wants to be successful in many areas of their lives, and one of those areas is their careers. While there are people who are content to come to work, do the job, and go home, there are other who are more career-minded and want to move…
Killer LinkedIn Profile

How to Create a Killer LinkedIn Profile

In the world of business, including the medical profession, LinkedIn can be an invaluable resource. It works to connect people with others pursuing similar careers or with potential employers who could offer them a career change. For healthcare…
Zuckerberg Chan Initiative

The Zuckerberg Chan Initiative Could Make a Big Impact on Healthcare

Many big names in business have put big bucks into philanthropic pursuits. Bill Gates has his own foundation with billions invested in a large number of ventures including combating measles in Africa. As of December 2014, some $43 billion dollars…