Federal budget 2016: health experts react

To help pay for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) the government will scrap the carbon tax compensation to new recipients of government welfare benefits. This will save the government A$1.4 billion over five years. The government…

How To Make An Amazing First Impression For Your Next Medical Job Application

First impressions count. Take a quick look at the image above. Which person would you prefer to employ? The one on the left, or on the right? Of course, they are the same person, but you’ve made an instant judgement based purely on appearance.…
Australia's asylum seeker regime

Border Force Act entrenches secrecy around Australia's asylum seeker regime

On Wednesday, the Australian Border Force Act came into force. It makes it an offence for an “entrusted person” (an Australian Border Force employee) to make a record of or disclose “protected information”. This is widely defined to…