Would You Hire You? Reflecting On Your Medical CV

What is it about looking in the mirror that can be so hard sometimes? Have you ever spent a good 5 or 10 minutes just gazing into the mirror? It's unsettling because we're not automatically programmed for self-awareness and criticism. In…
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How your doctors' job satisfaction affects the care you receive

When employees are engaged with their work and organisation, they’re more likely to perform well. This is particularly important in the context of health, where engagement improves the efficiency and effectiveness of services, reduces staff…

Recruiting Doctors, Nurses, and Dentists - What Is The Future?

The face of healthcare recruitment is changing. Years ago, a quick ad in a national newspaper would have yielded more than enough applications. Then came online recruitment, and then social recruitment. Running parallel to that, there are…
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Medicine On The High Seas – The Life Of An Offshore Doctor

Dr Grania Murphy is a general practitioner who works with Beat Health in offshore medical positions. Having a background in emergency in regional and remote areas has definitely helped her in this role, but working offshore was something she’d…

The doctor will tweet you now – but should he face disciplinary action for doing so?

Many bosses would argue that mixing work with social media is not a good idea. Just ask Christian Solomonides, a hospital consultant who was recently suspended after he admitted posting strongly worded messages on Twitter. The tweets included…
affluent medical students
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From riches to riches: the effect of affluent medical students on patients

Thousands of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed students recently found out whether they had been accepted into Australian medical schools. Selection is a highly competitive process, requiring an impressive combination of high secondary school…
pioneering surgeon
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The pioneering surgeon who came to Australia on a leaky boat

In anticipation of Australia Day, we'd like to feature a story from the SBS on Dr Munjed Al Muderis. Like many new doctors in Australia, Dr Al Muderis has a painful story to tell, however tempered by his recent success. A significant portion…
Healthcare Management
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How to Get to the Top in Healthcare Management

Everyone wants to be successful in many areas of their lives, and one of those areas is their careers. While there are people who are content to come to work, do the job, and go home, there are other who are more career-minded and want to move…
Female doctors in Australia
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Female doctors in Australia are hitting glass ceilings – why?

Helen Dickinson, University of Melbourne and Marie Bismark, University of Melbourne Over the past 30 years, there have been some great achievements in gender equity. The number of women enrolled in professional degrees, such as law and medicine,…