Robots in health care
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Robots in health care could lead to a doctorless hospital

Anjali Jaiprakash, Queensland University of Technology; Jonathan Roberts, Queensland University of Technology, and Ross Crawford, Queensland University of Technology Imagine your child requires a life-saving operation. You enter the hospital…
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How To Answer "What Is Your Greatest Weakness?"

One common question we are asked is how to answer the dreaded interview favourite: “What is your greatest weakness?”. Let me start my saying that I think this is a lazy, cliche question. Interviewers could be asking far more useful questions,…
Killer Medical Cover Letter

5 Keys To A Killer Medical Cover Letter

It’s 2am, and you’ve just finished a long shift. Job applications are due by 5pm on the same day, and you’re only halfway through your cover letter. It’s only supposed to be one page long, but you can’t even get to a full page, because…
off rural Australians
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Cost of doctor visits putting off rural Australians: report

In some parts of Australia, two to three times more people are avoiding seeing their doctor because they can’t afford it, according to figures released today. A report by the National Health Performance Authority shows that in 2013-14,…
Medical CV
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Free Webinar - 7 Obvious Mistakes To Avoid On Your Medical CV (+ free CV template)

In this free webinar designed specifically for healthcare professionals, we will cover what you must know before you create or revise your medical CV. We'll also be releasing our free CV template exclusively to attendees of this webinar (it's…
Advice to medical school
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Advice to my medical school self...

“I start my first clinical clerkship in medical school tomorrow. Any last minute advice?” I stared at the text message from my first cousin as I rolled my first patient of the day back to the operating room. I chuckled to myself. What…
Goldfish-Proof Medical CV Summary
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How To Write A Goldfish-Proof Medical CV Summary

A recent article revealed that the average human attention span has decreased from 12 seconds to 8 seconds in the past fifteen years. In contrast, goldfish are thought to have an attention span of around 9 seconds. While there may be a…
Rate as a junior doctor locum
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How to get the best rate as a junior doctor locum

I was speaking with a junior doctor a few weeks ago, and he mentioned that he would never consider locuming. Of course, I was curious as to why this was the case. He said that he had heard that the rates aren't so good, and he can make more…

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Emergency Locums In Australia

Senior Emergency Doctors

We have significant capability in staffing regional and remote hospitals and facilities with senior emergency staff, including experienced non-specialists, as well as FACEM consultants. They can be deployed in either an inpatient or remote area…