2016 Australia Budget Health

This year, we’re running more of our popular CV and Interview webinars, and have also introduced a new webinar on working as a FIFO doctor. As always, the webinars are completely free, and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection,…
Career Change In Medicine

Making A Late Career Change In Medicine

It's no surprise that some people consider a career change in their 40's or 50's. In fact, statistics show that 80 percent of people in Australia age 45 and up actually consider changing careers, but only about 6 percent of them actually follow…
Top 10 Medical Career
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Our Top 10 Medical Career Articles Of 2015

These are the most read articles from our medical career blog site from this year. We're already planning our articles for next year, and in 2016, for the first time , we will be going on a career skills tour - taking our popular medical…
Non-Medical Career
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Five Non-Medical Career Blogs That Can Help You Enhance Your Career

These days in Australia as well as other parts of the world, no matter what career path you choose, you’ll find it challenging to get the healthcare job you’ve trained for. Whether you want to be a doctor, a nurse, or any other type of professional,…