Small GP Practice Groups Providing A Career Alternative

Career Alternative

If you’re a GP, it can seem as though the only option is to stick it out in a small or solo practice, or work for a large corporate group. Although there are benefits and drawbacks in either scenario, there is an emerging third alternative that can be considered – working with a small, or growing GP practice group. Working as part of a ‘non-corporate’ corporate can sometimes give you the best of both worlds – medicine the way you want to practice it, and less management and administrative responsibilities.

A smaller GP practice group could be defined as one having somewhere between 2-20 practices, and is centrally managed. This is in comparison to the larger GP corporates, which in some cases can have up to 100 separate facilities with thousands of employees.

As healthcare recruiters, we work with a lot of general practitioners and practices around Australia. Over the past 18 months, we have seen a growing trend towards GPs gravitating to these smaller GP practice groups, either on a permanent basis or as a locum.

Whether you’re advanced in your career as a GP, or just starting out, owning and running your own practice can potentially be an unattractive proposition, considering:

  • Startup cost
  • Staffing
  • Administration
  • Diminishing returns from Medicare
  • Continuous regulatory changes
  • Leases and equipment
  • Insurance and indemnity

Similarly, working for a large GP corporate also has its drawbacks (perceived or real):

  • Can feel like a ‘factory’
  • Less say in day to day operations
  • Lower %
  • Lengthy contracts
  • Benchmarks and KPIs


When you consider your options as a GP, working for a small practice group offsets many of these drawbacks, while offering an attractive, secure career path, with more autonomy, and certainly a greater feeling of a ‘family medical practice.

For example, this GP job in the Brisbane area has no lock-in contracts, and also enables you to participate in a profit-share program, on top of your remuneration. The employer provides great systems and backup.

Similarly, this GP position in NSW is with a slightly bigger group, with the opportunity to grow a practice in a greenfield site, with a minimum daily rate to ensure there is no gap in your income while the patient base is being established.

Both roles offer the ability to transfer to different practices in other locations in the future, while working with the same employer.

Of course, you need to consider each position on its merits, and naturally these smaller groups may become big corporates in time.


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