Recruiting Doctors, Nurses, and Dentists – What Is The Future?

The face of healthcare recruitment is changing. Years ago, a quick ad in a national newspaper would have yielded more than enough applications. Then came online recruitment, and then social recruitment.

Running parallel to that, there are medical recruitment agencies, like Beat Health. Agencies can provide a helpful and professional service, but they do come at a cost to employers, with placements costing anywhere between 10-25% of the gross remuneration of the candidate. Certainly, when you’re working with a good agency, this is generally worth the cost, but it is not always affordable for every employer.

What is commonly seen now is that agencies have a tremendous amount of ‘space’ in the advertising market. For individual employers, this can be frustrating, as their ads are often drowned out by hundreds of ads from recruiters, or by larger employers. At the same time, candidates looking for a new medical job, allied health position, or nursing employment have to spend time looking across a huge amount of advertising media, just to find the right position to apply for, and many of the ads do not have the specific details of the location or even the actual employer.

One of the emerging trends in recruitment at the moment is niche job boards.

Niche job boards are geared at specific professions, or groups of professions. This style of marketing has been quite successful, as it takes a more specific approach to the market, rather than taking a ‘shotgun’ approach with a larger job board. In some cases, the sites are employer-only, meaning recruiters are not permitted to advertise on the sites. This allows a transparent level of direct communication between candidates and employers. Some of the other advantages of niche job boards include:

  • One place to advertise and find positions
  • The right marketing message for your type of job
  • Direct connection between candidate and employer
  • A better understanding of the jobs being advertised
  • Reasonable pricing structures

The healthcare area is one that will benefit greatly from a niche job board approach. Being such a specialised and unique area of employment, it is one which needs a deep understanding of the market in order to successfully market to the right group.


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