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Quick Primer – What Are The 5 Highest Paying Locum Jobs in Australia?

Highest Paying Locum Jobs

This is the most frequent question potential locum doctors ask, and the answer is sometimes surprising. Historically, sub-specialist consultants have attracted the highest rates, with junior doctors at the bottom of the ladder.

There are a huge amount of factors that go into locum rates, and there can be major fluctuations over time, with the influence of market forces. The main factors that determine rate will be:

  • Location
  • Scarcity of people in that area of work
  • Government policy
  • Timing
  • Your level of experience and qualifications
  • Other market forces


Typically, this is how locum rates rank:

1. Sub-specialist Surgeons (especially Plastics) – $3000 per day

2. Consultant Specialists – $2000-$2500 per day

3. Senior (Non-Specialist) ED (e.g. CMOs) – $1600-$2000 per day

4. Procedural GPs – $1500-$2000 per day

5. GPs in family practice – $120-$170 per hour


6. ED Registrars – $100-$180 per hour

7. Ward Registrars – $80-$150 per hour

8. RMO (Ward or ED) – $75 – $145 per hour


This is just a quick overview of possible rates. Depending on the employer and the job, travel, accommodation, and a vehicle are also provided. Of course, we often deal with ‘outliers’ – extremely high paying positions (at all levels), which might be last minute, or in a remote area.


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