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Quick Primer – Can PGY2 Doctors Work As Locums?

PGY2 Doctors

This is a common question we get from JMOs considering locum work.

While we don’t recommend giving up your full time position after your first year, it is possible to work as a locum as a PGY2/RMO1. This may be especially suitable for people who are doing shiftwork terms like ED or ICU and have breaks of several days at a time, or even if you’re thinking about taking some time off work to look after kids.

It can be a great way to make some extra money to go on your next holiday, or even save for a house deposit.

As a PGY2, the work you can do is limited, and many places won’t look at anyone below PGY3. That said, there are some places you can work in emergency, or ward work. Alternatively, you may find work in roles in private clinics. Of course, you’ll need to be realistic about what you can and can’t do. By working in many locum positions (especially in regional areas), you may be exposed to work that you wouldn’t normally see in your regular position – which is a great bonus.

You might also consider speaking with the admin team at your current hospital to check whether there is any overtime available. By working some overtime, especially on weekends and public holidays, you could potentially earn an hourly rate close to locum rates without leaving home.

Pay rates will range from $75-$145 per hour, but it really depends on the location, role, and the responsibilities. Travel and accommodation will sometimes be covered, but not always.

Naturally, you’ll need to have General registration, and the right to work in Australia. If you’re on a visa (for example a 457 visa), you’ll need to seek written permission from your current employer to undertake locum work.

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