Partnering with Wollongong RMO Association


As an Illawarra based company, it’s really important to us to support the local community, and of course, that includes the healthcare professionals in the region. It’s also important for people to know who we are!

Over the years, we’ve shied away from the typical locum agency marketing methods. We don’t want to be those creepy guys hanging around your break room, asking you to be a locum (whilst shoving an obscure promotional item in your hand- who knew you needed so many stress balls?).

However, last year I had a troubling moment when I was talking to a local surgical registrar who wanted some locum work. When I asked him how he found out about Beat Medical, he said “Google”. He didn’t realise that our office is just across the road from Wollongong Hospital!

At that point, I realised that our local profile was quite low – and we had to do something about it. At the same time, we heard that the RMO Association could do with some more support.

After meeting with the local RMOA committee, we decided to be their major sponsor for 2014. Obviously, we’ll provide financial sponsorship, but it was crucial for me that we actually add some value to the careers of the doctors working at Wollongong and satellite hospitals as well.

Over my 10+ years working in medical recruitment, I have interviewed thousands of doctors and other health professionals. I couldn’t even guess how many CVs I’ve seen. So, am going to make a bold statement. I might upset some people with this generalisation, so sit down before you read it.

Doctors are bad at job applications.

The good news is that CV writing, interviews, and searching for a job is what recruiters know and understand. We’ve seen it all, so we can help you avoid common mistakes. These are skills that are easy to learn.

One of the things we’ll be doing with the Wollongong RMO Association is to run free sessions on CV writing, interview skills, and general job applications for doctors in the region. As careers in the medical world become more competitive, the last thing you want is to work your backside off for years – just to be rejected for a speciality program because of a bad interview, or an ineffective CV.

Also, to add even more value, we’re also offering a free JP service to have documents certified and statutory declarations witnessed. Just pop over to the office at Level 1, 385 Crown St (above Dr Walton’s rooms & Meni) during normal business hours.

If you’re working at Wollongong or one of the surrounding areas, you’ll see us at the end of term party this Friday 31st January. Make sure you visit us to enter in our competition to win either a skydiving or hang-gliding adventure in the Illawarra.

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