How to Create a Killer LinkedIn Profile

Killer LinkedIn Profile

In the world of business, including the medical profession, LinkedIn can be an invaluable resource. It works to connect people with others pursuing similar careers or with potential employers who could offer them a career change.

For healthcare professionals, it can lead to connections that could be potential sources of good information. With the rise of #FOAMed, social media can form links and connections to clinicians across the world. LinkedIn offers a social network for that any many other purposes.

The trick is generating your profile in such a way that you are able to get people’s attention and their interest. Today we’ll offer you some tips to help you create a killer LinkedIn profile that will get you the connections you need.

Great Headlines are a Big Help

Often the first thing people see on your profile is the headline. For this reason, it’s important to craft a headline that’s both concise and catchy. You want to get people’s attention and feed them just enough info that they’ll want to click in and read more. Also, be sure to mention what industry you’re involved in, especially if it’s the medical field. People looking for doctors could be looking for a specific type of doctor and it helps to have that information readily displayed.

Posts Can Help your Position

LinkedIn has a feature that allows you to create posts, something similar to blogs. It’s a great way to pose a question to your connections or to the general LinkedIn audience. It’s also a great way to get people engaged so that they might want to connect to you to keep up with future posts.

See that your Job Description Stands Out

The next thing that people tend to view on your profile is your job description and experience. Keep job descriptions concise and to the point. It’s also a great idea to add some rich media to make it really pop. This could be links to articles, and videos you are in.

Skills and Education are Significant

Don’t neglect your skills and education. Both should be specific and include all relevant details. Also, be sure that your top skills are listed in such a way that they work to your advantage. Whatever your aim is for creating your profile, you should list your skills so that the ones at the top of the list are those that will help you best reach that aim.

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Volunteering is Vital Information

Many people, when listing job experience, tend to leave out volunteer work that they’ve done because they feel it’s not the same as real work that they were paid to do. The fact is that volunteering is equally important and should be included in your job experience listing. Any experience is good experience, and any work as a volunteer should not be excluded.

Of course, like any open communication network, LinkedIn may give rise to unwanted attention from salespeople and some recruiters. However, you don’t have to respond to every request, and you can adjust your security settings to suit your level of comfort with social media.

These are just a few of the things you can do to enhance your LinkedIn profile, but they are among the most important. Keeping these tips in mind will get you off to a good start, and once you’re getting loads of connections, you’ll likely learn even more ways to make your profile one to remember.


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