How to Avoid Embarrassment after This Year’s Christmas Party

Christmas Party

Yes, it’s that time of year again, time for the big hospital Christmas party. As with any workplace, Christmas parties are a great social event and make for a very fun evening. However, they also give rise to horror stories about co workers that got caught on video doing crazy things like dancing on a table or saying something completely inappropriate. Others might get caught in a compromising position with another co worker in a corner somewhere. There are a myriad of different things that have happened at office parties, and every year you probably look at yourself in the mirror while getting dressed for this year’s event and ask yourself, “How can I make sure that doesn’t happen to me?” Well, today we have just the thing for you. We’re going to look at some things that will help you get through the big night without any big embarrassments. Even if you are finishing up at the workplace, it’s good to leave a positive memory, because you might come back one day, even if just as a locum.

Moderation is a Must

One of the staples at any Christmas party is alcohol. There are going to be many drink choices, some stronger than others. The key is to drink in moderation. It’s a known fact that most crazy happenings at these types of parties occur because someone drank too much. The safest bet is not to drink at all, but if you do drink, keep it to a minimum. Keeping a level head is the best way to keep you out of trouble. You don’t want to wake up in the morning with a faint memory of telling that surgeon what you really think of him.

Attendance is Advantageous

It’s true that company Christmas parties are largely events at which attendance is basically mandatory, and some people just don’t feel like going. It happens. Still, your punctuality and presence do make a difference. You should arrive within 30 minutes of the party’s start time, and you should stay as long as you possibly can. You might not think so, but people do take notice of those who show up late or who stay for just 10 to 20 minutes and make an early exit.

Sincerity is Sublime

Nothing goes over quite as well as a sincere smile and a warm greeting. Christmas parties like this are meant to be opportunities to meet people at work that you normally don’t associate with. If you’re a surgeon, don’t just mingle with your colleagues. Try to speak to people in other departments as well. Give compliments when you can, and make a good impression. It never hurts to have extra allies in the workplace, so make this opportunity count. If possible, keep your food or drink in your left hand and keep your right free so that you can be ready for every introduction and the handshake that goes with it.

Etiquette is Essential

While parties are meant to be a time to have fun and enjoy good company, you need to be careful that the fun doesn’t go too far. Jokes might seem like a good idea to break the ice, but more often than not a joke is made at another person’s expense. You don’t want to risk offending anyone that you work with. Also, it’s good to avoid gossiping. You never know whose mingling around you and who might overhear you. It’s really best to avoid gossip altogether. You know the old saying about saying something nice or saying nothing at all? Well, it just so happens to be true.

The Same Rules Apply

Although you might be a bit more relaxed at a party, all of the same rules apply as in the workplace – no inappropriate comments (or touching!), and keep away from the photocopier (you know what I mean!).

Timely Tips

Finally, we’ll throw in a few quick last minute tips. Be sure to dress in a way that’s appropriate for the occasion. You want to look great, but don’t wear anything too revealing or showy. Also, don’t talk too much about business. This is a party after all, so leave the in-depth work chats for Monday morning. Once the party is winding down, be sure to find the organizers and give them a big ‘thank you’ for putting the big night together.

Parties are meant to be a huge night of fun, and by keeping these helpful hints in mind, you can rest easy that your night will be a great one and that the only memories you’ll have will be ones that are well worth having!

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