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How to Answer Baffling Interview Questions

Baffling Interview Questions

Often the most terrifying part of finding a medical job in Australia is facing the interview that comes before it. Most people find it difficult to go into an interview without being a bit fearful, apprehensive, or just plain nervous. It’s the questions that are the problem. Interviewers tend to find rather odd things to ask, and every employer has their own favorite questions to test you and see if you fit what they’re looking for. The key to interview success is being prepared and knowing how to handle the weird questions as well as the mundane ones. Today, we’ll go over a few of the baffling questions you might hear at interview and how to handle them.

If you were an animal…

Which animal would you be? This is one of the more unusual questions that interviewers might ask, but it’s also one that needs to be answered correctly. Many people just think of their favorite animal and that becomes their answer, but the reality is that there is meaning behind your choice and that’s what employers look for. If you choose a lion, for example, the interviewer will feel you have more of an aggressive personality. If you pick a bunny, they’ll see you as a passive individual. You want to discern what type of attitude it would take to do the job the way they want it done and choose an animal that fits that personality type.

Tell me about yourself

This question is often the one that job seekers feel is the most straightforward, but the reality is that it’s one of the trickiest questions and is tough to get right. Employers, whether in healthcare or other industries, use this particular question to assess whether you’d be a proper cultural fit for their practice or business. Many people don’t find it easy to talk about themselves in such detail, and they’re so concerned with saying the right thing that they often leave out the details the employer most wants to hear. Don’t get caught up rehashing your resume as the employer already has all that information. Instead, try to share some real-life stories from your working life that best illustrate your good qualities. Remember, with this question, employers are less interested in what you do and more interested in who you are.

What are your weaknesses?

This is often the most feared and dreaded question for anyone interviewing for a job. You want the employer to see your good points, not your bad ones. Still, you can answer this to your advantage as long as you don’t let yourself get rattled by it. First, keep your focus on professional traits, and stay away from personal ones. Second, as you mention a professional weakness, also mention what you’ve done to improve it. For instance, you could mention that your communication skills need work and then tell how you consistently strive to improve them. Nobody is perfect, and your prospective employer is well aware of that. They are less interested in the actual weaknesses themselves and more interested in how you combat them.

There are many more questions that you could be asked, and a fair few of them are tricky in one way or another. Remember, honesty is the best policy. Don’t just tell them what they want to hear. Be frank and earnest in every answer, and don’t misrepresent yourself in any way. If you’re meant to have the job, the employer will accept you just as you are.


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