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Emerging Trends in Healthcare Jobs for 2015 and Beyond

Healthcare Job

According to a report by Deloitte, healthcare features heavily in the top 25 highest growth sectors of the Australian economy over the next 20 years. Already, many of the sectors are dominating the healthcare recruitment market as areas of key focus. Healthcare professionals should be taking note of these areas of growth both in terms of career development, and in planning future income streams.


25 growth


Residential Aged Care

Aged Care is showing a growth rate of over 5%, and Deloitte reports that “Aged care needs are greatest among those who are 80 and beyond. In 2013, this group accounted for one in every 26 Australians. By 2030, one in every 18 of us will be over 80”. It is predicted that residential aged care will evolve into providing services in higher end facilities, as the wealthier ‘baby boomer’ generation and their children require residential care. As recruiters, we are currently seeing a sharp increase in requirements for doctors in aged care (mostly general practitioners), registered nurses, enrolled nurses, and other care workers.

Digital Delivery of Healthcare

As the population across Australia is dispersed across a huge area, there is steady growth in the digital delivery of healthcare services. The recent acquisition of Medibank’s tele-health solution by Telstra is a positive indication that this is seen as an area to watch.

Preventative Health and Wellness

According to the report, “Over the next two decades, no market is likely to see better growth in Australia than preventative health and wellness services. We’re living longer but we also want to keep living better, and that tension will generate billions of dollars in opportunities.” We’re certainly seeing this in the recruitment market, with a steadily increasing amount of requests for doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals for preventative health projects, such as skin checks.


Gas is highlighted as one of the major ‘next wave’ areas: “tapping and exporting gas is likely to continue to be one of Australia’s brightest growth engines for the next two decades – with its output growth expected to be faster than that of any other sector.” In terms of healthcare, the projects that are currently in progress (such as the Wheatstone project), have the population of a small town. These sites undoubtedly require healthcare professionals from all fields, particularly nurse practitioners, doctors, paramedics, and nurses.

Privatisation of Healthcare

As public health budgets decrease, corporations are stepping in to healthcare delivery across a number of sectors, including inpatient facilities, private health, and Defence.


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