affluent medical students
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From riches to riches: the effect of affluent medical students on patients

Thousands of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed students recently found out whether they had been accepted into Australian medical schools. Selection is a highly competitive process, requiring an impressive combination of high secondary school…
Embrace Flexible Healthcare Jobs
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5 Good Reasons To Embrace Flexible Healthcare Jobs

Flexible work in healthcare is often known by different names - casual jobs, locum work, contract positions or the like. But, in reality, they are all forms of highly flexible, often very lucrative ways to work. In other fields, there are…
Specialty Spotlight
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Specialty Spotlight - Lyn Fish - Nurse Practitioner

This week's interview is with nurse practitioner Lyn Fish, whose career has taken her through hospitals, community health, primary health services, and to jobs on remote industrial projects.    Thanks for joining us today, Lyn. How did…
New Name

We Need A New Name

As this site grows in popularity, we're adding more diverse content related to not only healthcare careers, but also introducing guest writers to provide interesting clinical content. So, we're after a new name for this site. If you can think…
Mistakes When Negotiating Medical Job Remuneration

Five Mistakes When Negotiating Medical Job Remuneration

Salary negotiation is something that many health professionals - particularly doctors - often approach with trepidation. You might think that there is no room to negotiate, or it might be your first job following training, and you don’t want…
Resume writing for doctors, Part 1

Partnering with Wollongong RMO Association

  As an Illawarra based company, it’s really important to us to support the local community, and of course, that includes the healthcare professionals in the region. It’s also important for people to know who we are! Over the…
An Interview with Dr Melanie Clothier

FOAM and Ongoing Education – An Interview with Dr Melanie Clothier

Last week we introduced you to Dr Melanie Clothier, a GP Registrar passionate about using the internet for connecting with other medical professionals, sharing information and learning. In the article, Dr Clothier discussed her online behaviour…
GreenGp blog

Doctors Who Blog – GP Registrar Melanie Clothier

GreenGP, Reflections of a Rural GP Trainee, is a blog written by Dr Melanie Clothier, a doctor working and training in rural South Australia. Her blog is the first indication that Dr Clothier is not your average GP registrar, but rather…
Resume writing for doctors, Part 1

More problems for AHPRA – Health Ministers Intervening

The Australian Health Professions Regulations Authority (AHPRA) has once again come to media attention following a torrent of complaints about the backlog of applications and the potential for interruption to health service delivery. This…
Resume writing for doctors, Part 1

23 things NOT to put on your CV – Resume writing for doctors, Part 1

This is Part One of a two part series on CV/resume writing for doctors. Follow us on twitter to receive article updates and job alerts. Is my resume ok? Is it what is expected? We hear from many doctors who work with us as locums, or those…