How To Respond To ‘Illegal’ Questions In Medical Job Interviews

You’re sitting across from an interview panel for a new position in a new town. Before the interview starts, you’re making small talk with the interviewers, and casually, one of them asks: “So, do you have any kids?”. Although this…

8 Common Misconceptions About Medical Job Interviews In Australia

Preparing for a job interview is sometimes like stepping into the great unknown. Whether you’re applying for a position in a medical training program, a locum job or as a new consultant, there is often a sense of uncertainty about going into…

5 Tips To Quitting Your Medical Job The Right Way

It’s almost inevitable that you’re going to quit a job at some point. Whether it’s onwards and upwards to a promotion, taking time off for family or travel, or you simply hate the place, there are some simple rules you need to follow. 1.…

How To Make An Amazing First Impression For Your Next Medical Job Application

First impressions count. Take a quick look at the image above. Which person would you prefer to employ? The one on the left, or on the right? Of course, they are the same person, but you’ve made an instant judgement based purely on appearance.…
'A Plus' Medical Reference
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5 Tips To An 'A Plus' Medical Reference

One of the most neglected parts of the medical job application process is reference checks. You might spend hours toiling away on your CV and cover letter, but only give half a thought to your list of referees. We get it - you don't like asking…
CV Isn't Right
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Why Your CV Isn't Right For Locum Jobs

It’s a Sunday morning, and you’re finally getting around to putting up that new bike rack in the garage. You break out the tools, and see that you’re going to need a 45mm drill bit for the job. The thing is, you’ve only got a 15mm bit.…
Trawling Through The Trash

Trawling Through The Trash - Collecting Intelligence For Job Applications

As you embark on your hunt for the job you want, whether it's a medical career or some other path you seek, you need to be fully prepared. This entails a number of things including having your CV updated and in order, preparing yourself for…
Medical Career Education
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2016 Medical Career Education Roadshow

This year, we're taking our ever-popular webinar series on the road to a place near you. Whether you're getting ready for your next position, a specialty training program, or locum work, we can provide you with free intensive training to help…
Medical Job Applications
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5 Useful Pieces Of Technology For Medical Job Applications

Finding a healthcare career position in Australia is becoming increasingly competitive, corporatised, and technological. Human resources managers and other bosses have so many CV’s and cover letters coming across their desks, that they only…
Baffling Interview Questions
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How to Answer Baffling Interview Questions

Often the most terrifying part of finding a medical job in Australia is facing the interview that comes before it. Most people find it difficult to go into an interview without being a bit fearful, apprehensive, or just plain nervous. It’s…