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How Can Doctors Use Technology To Help Them Diagnose?

In Japan’s first reported case of artificial intelligence saving someone’s life, an AI has succeeded where a team of skilled human doctors did not. A woman with a rare type of leukaemia was correctly diagnosed by the AI. Even more remarkable,…

Welcome to Beat Health VR

With a growing gap between the needs of the community and the medical workforce, getting doctors to the right place at the right time is becoming an increasing challenge. In partnership with a number of other organisations, today we are launching…
Robots in health care
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Robots in health care could lead to a doctorless hospital

Anjali Jaiprakash, Queensland University of Technology; Jonathan Roberts, Queensland University of Technology, and Ross Crawford, Queensland University of Technology Imagine your child requires a life-saving operation. You enter the hospital…
Medical Job Applications
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5 Useful Pieces Of Technology For Medical Job Applications

Finding a healthcare career position in Australia is becoming increasingly competitive, corporatised, and technological. Human resources managers and other bosses have so many CV’s and cover letters coming across their desks, that they only…
Health Care
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How New Technologies Are Shaking Up Health Care

New tests and drugs have impacted health care for many decades. But we’re now seeing the emergence of completely different kinds of technologies that will radically alter how health care is both accessed and delivered. In the past, patient…