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What Cut Do Locum Agencies Take Of Your Pay?

This article is going to get me in a bit of hot water with my colleagues in the industry, because I am going to reveal how locum agencies are paid, and how much we charge. It was one question in a survey we conducted last week that has brought…
medical recruitment agency
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Why work with a medical recruitment agency anyway?

There are a great many medical jobs available in Australia these days, and sometimes it's not so easy to find the right person for the role. Some hospitals and practices might need a hand in locating great candidates for the position they need…
medical recruitment agency
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Why use a medical recruitment agency anyway?

There are a large number of medical jobs becoming available throughout Australia, and at times it’s not so simple to find the job you want most. It's a big effort for job seekers to go all over the web putting in applications without knowing…
Career Change In Medicine

Making A Late Career Change In Medicine

It's no surprise that some people consider a career change in their 40's or 50's. In fact, statistics show that 80 percent of people in Australia age 45 and up actually consider changing careers, but only about 6 percent of them actually follow…
Locums Doctors Paid
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How Are Locums Doctors Paid?

ln this article, we'll explore how locum doctors are paid, and what you should do before you start locum work. This article is relevant for JMOs, specialists, GPs and everyone in between. Before you start working as a locum doctor, you should…
Specialty Spotlight
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Specialty Spotlight - Lyn Fish - Nurse Practitioner

This week's interview is with nurse practitioner Lyn Fish, whose career has taken her through hospitals, community health, primary health services, and to jobs on remote industrial projects.    Thanks for joining us today, Lyn. How did…
Medical Recruiter Pull Their Hair Out
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8 Things That Will Make Your Medical Recruiter Pull Their Hair Out

So, you're considering some locum work, or some casual shifts. Maybe you are a junior doctor, a nurse, or a general practitioner. Where do you start? Perhaps you'll start looking in familiar places - in the emails you get from your college…
Working As A Locum
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10 Things To Do Before Working As A Locum

So, you think you're ready to work as a locum? Just like any job, there is some preparation and thought that goes into the process that you may not have necessarily considered. Whether you're working as a locum doctor, a physiotherapist, or…
PGY2 Doctors
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Quick Primer - Can PGY2 Doctors Work As Locums?

This is a common question we get from JMOs considering locum work. While we don't recommend giving up your full time position after your first year, it is possible to work as a locum as a PGY2/RMO1. This may be especially suitable for people…
Medical Recruitment Agency Exploded

5 Myths About Working With A Medical Recruitment Agency Exploded

When you decide to look for a new job as a doctor, one of the decisions you'll need to make is whether to register with a medical recruitment agency. Over my years as a medical recruiter, I've seen some persistent myths about agencies that never…