Right Medical Referees
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Best Friend or Worst Enemy? Choosing The Right Medical Referees

Choosing the right referee for your next healthcare position can be the single biggest factor that influences whether you get the job or not. Choose the wrong referees, and it can have long-lasting negative effects on your entire career or…
PGY2 Doctors
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Quick Primer - Can PGY2 Doctors Work As Locums?

This is a common question we get from JMOs considering locum work. While we don't recommend giving up your full time position after your first year, it is possible to work as a locum as a PGY2/RMO1. This may be especially suitable for people…
Rate as a junior doctor locum
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How to get the best rate as a junior doctor locum

I was speaking with a junior doctor a few weeks ago, and he mentioned that he would never consider locuming. Of course, I was curious as to why this was the case. He said that he had heard that the rates aren't so good, and he can make more…