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How your doctors' job satisfaction affects the care you receive

When employees are engaged with their work and organisation, they’re more likely to perform well. This is particularly important in the context of health, where engagement improves the efficiency and effectiveness of services, reduces staff…

The hidden curriculum in surgery says it's not for women

Despite more than 15 years of gender parity in Australian medical education, women remain underrepresented in surgery. The proportion of female surgical trainees is rising, but more slowly than in other specialties. Of just over 1,000 surgical…

Blaming individual doctors for medical errors doesn’t help anyone

In Australia, estimates suggest undesired harmful effects from medication or other intervention such as surgery, known as “adverse events”, occur in around 17% of hospital admissions. This results in up to 18,000 unnecessary deaths and 50,000…

We can’t trust drug companies to wine, dine and educate doctors about the drugs they prescribe

If a drug company treats a doctor to a nice lunch and a presentation on their newest products, is prescribing affected? Doctors generally think not, but the research evidence overwhelmingly says yes. And if these events do affect doctors’…
Red Tape Tangle
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The Red Tape Tangle Of Medicare

This week, there has been parliamentary attention towards the incredible waiting list for additional location provider numbers in Australia for doctors. As a medical recruitment agency, we talk to Medicare every day to follow up on provider…
affluent medical students
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From riches to riches: the effect of affluent medical students on patients

Thousands of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed students recently found out whether they had been accepted into Australian medical schools. Selection is a highly competitive process, requiring an impressive combination of high secondary school…
pioneering surgeon
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The pioneering surgeon who came to Australia on a leaky boat

In anticipation of Australia Day, we'd like to feature a story from the SBS on Dr Munjed Al Muderis. Like many new doctors in Australia, Dr Al Muderis has a painful story to tell, however tempered by his recent success. A significant portion…
Female doctors in Australia
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Female doctors in Australia are hitting glass ceilings – why?

Helen Dickinson, University of Melbourne and Marie Bismark, University of Melbourne Over the past 30 years, there have been some great achievements in gender equity. The number of women enrolled in professional degrees, such as law and medicine,…
Medical Recruiter Awake at Night
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What Keeps a Medical Recruiter Awake at Night

Ever since the Jayant Patel debacle, there has been intense scrutiny on the recruitment process of doctors, and other healthcare professionals in Australia. The story and prison release of Dr Suresh Nair renewed public interest and discussion…