pioneering surgeon
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The pioneering surgeon who came to Australia on a leaky boat

In anticipation of Australia Day, we'd like to feature a story from the SBS on Dr Munjed Al Muderis. Like many new doctors in Australia, Dr Al Muderis has a painful story to tell, however tempered by his recent success. A significant portion…
Corporate Medicine
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The Human Side of Corporate Medicine

Given the growing influence of corporations on healthcare in Australia, this is an interesting and blunt insight from the US. Do you think Australia is heading in the same direction, and what influence will it have on healthcare employment?…
latest victims of globalisation
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Angry doctors are just the latest victims of globalisation

The current threat of a doctors' strike is just the latest example of the unhappiness of NHS staff. 2014 saw strikes from nurses, occupational therapists, porters, paramedics and healthcare assistants – the first in the health service since…