Would You Hire You? Reflecting On Your Medical CV

What is it about looking in the mirror that can be so hard sometimes? Have you ever spent a good 5 or 10 minutes just gazing into the mirror? It's unsettling because we're not automatically programmed for self-awareness and criticism. In…
CV Isn't Right
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Why Your CV Isn't Right For Locum Jobs

It’s a Sunday morning, and you’re finally getting around to putting up that new bike rack in the garage. You break out the tools, and see that you’re going to need a 45mm drill bit for the job. The thing is, you’ve only got a 15mm bit.…
Medical Career Education
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2016 Medical Career Education Roadshow

This year, we're taking our ever-popular webinar series on the road to a place near you. Whether you're getting ready for your next position, a specialty training program, or locum work, we can provide you with free intensive training to help…
Top 10 Medical Career
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Our Top 10 Medical Career Articles Of 2015

These are the most read articles from our medical career blog site from this year. We're already planning our articles for next year, and in 2016, for the first time , we will be going on a career skills tour - taking our popular medical…
Non-Medical Career
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Five Non-Medical Career Blogs That Can Help You Enhance Your Career

These days in Australia as well as other parts of the world, no matter what career path you choose, you’ll find it challenging to get the healthcare job you’ve trained for. Whether you want to be a doctor, a nurse, or any other type of professional,…
hidden discrimination
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How to beat the hidden discrimination at the heart of the job hunt

In this article, Ronald McQuaid highlights the inherent biases in the job application process. These issues are readily apparent in the Australian medical system, as a significant amount of doctors, nurses, dentists, and allied health professions…
Dr Andrew Bezzina
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Specialty Spotlight - Emergency Medicine - With Dr Andrew Bezzina (Part 2)

Dr Andrew Bezzina (MB BS, FACEM) is a senior staff specialist in Emergency Medicine in the Illawarra region of NSW. He is widely respected in the emergency medicine community, and as the Chairman of the not-for-profit organisation Emergency…
Medical CV
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Free Webinar - 7 Obvious Mistakes To Avoid On Your Medical CV (+ free CV template)

In this free webinar designed specifically for healthcare professionals, we will cover what you must know before you create or revise your medical CV. We'll also be releasing our free CV template exclusively to attendees of this webinar (it's…
Medical CVs
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What Are Employers Looking For On Medical CVs?

When you're writing your medical CV for a new position, or a locum job, have you ever looked at it from the perspective of the reader? Generally speaking, the people reviewing your CV are time-poor, and aren't able to spend hours sifting through…
Medical CVs
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Webinar Recording - Medical CV and Interview Essentials

This is the video from our recent webinar on medical CVs and interviews. In this 90 minute webinar, we cover what you need to excel at your next medical job application. Whether you’re a JMO, a consultant, nurse, GP, dentist, or a physio,…