Relationship with Boss
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How to Improve your Relationship with your Boss

One of the most important factors for driving employee engagement is a good relationship between that employee and their immediate boss or supervisor. The question then becomes how to maintain a good relationship once and, more importantly,…
Medical Career Education
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2016 Medical Career Education Roadshow

This year, we're taking our ever-popular webinar series on the road to a place near you. Whether you're getting ready for your next position, a specialty training program, or locum work, we can provide you with free intensive training to help…
Medical Career Goals

How To Smash Your Medical Career Goals in 2016

Everyone wants to have a great career, and every career, even one in Medicine, has different things that make it great. Anyone you ask will probably tell you that setting proper goals is the way to find success, but then the trick becomes how…
Healthcare Management
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How to Get to the Top in Healthcare Management

Everyone wants to be successful in many areas of their lives, and one of those areas is their careers. While there are people who are content to come to work, do the job, and go home, there are other who are more career-minded and want to move…
Life in Medicine

Finding the Balance in a Life in Medicine

By Dr Eve Shvidler  “As a mom and a doctor, what advice would you give a third year medical student trying to choose a specialty?” the bright-eyed med student asked me. Her smile was ear to ear and I didn’t want to burst her bubble.…
areer Mistakes
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5 Preventable Career Mistakes to Avoid as a General Practitioner

There are a lot of reasons doctors choose General Practice as a career. Some of the most common ones we hear include: - Family friendly work hours - Mixed caseload - Stability - Regular income - Getting to know patients - Being part…