Can You Fake It As A Medical Recruiter?

Fake Medical Recruiter

Let’s face it, as recruitment goes, medical recruitment is hard.

Not hard in the ‘big’ scheme of things – it’s much easier looking for jobs for doctors than working underground in a mine, or as a garbage collector – but it’s relatively challenging compared to other areas of recruitment.

We work in an incredibly candidate-short market, we deal with continuous barriers from government, growing pressure from clients to drive fees down, and a rapidly evolving space.

To be a good medical recruiter requires expertise, experience, patience, and commitment to the job. It’s not something that one can just walk into and start doing from day one. There are no shortcuts, no easy way to make things happen.

Of course, it’s okay to be a new recruiter, and it’s okay to make mistakes. It happens.

In Australia, the choice of medical recruiters is getting wider and wider. There seems to be a new agency every day, and it leads me to wonder exactly where they came from, and if they know what they are doing. The horror stories we sometimes hear from candidates about large, established agencies are surprising even to me.

Transgressions range from advertising positions without the consent of clients, to sending candidate CVs to clients without their knowledge, as well as simple dishonesty about rates, or job details.

There are, however, more extreme examples of what can happen with a combination of dishonesty and organisational complacency.

In a recent court case in the UK, one medical recruiter was found guilty of falsifying CVs, and reference checks in order to place unqualified candidates in healthcare facilities.

He behaved this way because it was supported by his agency, and it was easier than trying hard or being the ‘genuine article’. He was faking it, and it is entirely plausible that the same thing could happen in Australia.

When you’re selecting a medical or healthcare recruiter to look for your next job (or candidate) as a locum doctor, a nurse, a dentist, or physio, scrutinise their experience and qualifications.

And ask for recommendations – there are plenty of fakes out there.


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