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How to improve the skills of tomorrow’s doctors

Imagine you’re inside an ambulance racing to the emergency room with the lights and sirens blaring. You and your nine-year-old daughter were in a car accident; she is unconscious and bleeding. The paramedic has initiated an IV, placed cardiac monitors and an oxygen mask on her. Minutes later, you arrive at the hospital. You need […]

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How your doctors’ job satisfaction affects the care you receive

When employees are engaged with their work and organisation, they’re more likely to perform well. This is particularly important in the context of health, where engagement improves the efficiency and effectiveness of services, reduces staff absenteeism and turnover, increases patient satisfaction and improves safety. Highly engaged doctors, in particular, do much better on a wide […]


The hidden curriculum in surgery says it’s not for women

Despite more than 15 years of gender parity in Australian medical education, women remain underrepresented in surgery. The proportion of female surgical trainees is rising, but more slowly than in other specialties. Of just over 1,000 surgical trainee applications submitted to the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons in 2015, fewer than 300 were from female […]

Recruiting Doctors, Nurses, and Dentists – What Is The Future?

The face of healthcare recruitment is changing. Years ago, a quick ad in a national newspaper would have yielded more than enough applications. Then came online recruitment, and then social recruitment. Running parallel to that, there are medical recruitment agencies, like Beat Health. Agencies can provide a helpful and professional service, but they do come […]

How To Write An Effective Medical Job Ad

What do you, as an employer, do when you need to hire a new employee? Most of you would probably answer: “That’s easy! Of course you write a brief job description and post it to the most accessible job board online.” For most medical establishments and medical job advertisers, finding a new staff member can […]

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Medicine On The High Seas – The Life Of An Offshore Doctor

Dr Grania Murphy is a general practitioner who works with Beat Health in offshore medical positions. Having a background in emergency in regional and remote areas has definitely helped her in this role, but working offshore was something she’d never really envisaged as part of her career plan. If you’re considering FIFO or offshore work as a doctor, […]