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A Quick Guide To Emergency Consultant (FACEM) Locums In Australia

Emergency Locums In Australia

The great thing about being an emergency consultant is having an adaptable, sought after skill set. Across Australia, hospitals are crying out for more emergency consultants, particularly in regional, rural, and remote areas. Much of the time, the gaps are filled with locums. However, there might be more to the world of locums for FACEMs than you realise.

Locums aren’t just a stop-gap measure, and ‘locum’ is probably not always the right word to describe some of the work that is on offer. A better term might be ‘flexible employment’. Although there are positions that are truly temporary (i.e. covering leave), very few are. They exist because of a chronic shortage of suitably trained staff. Or, a position comes up for a discrete period due to a project or particular requirement.

The variety of work is great for people with critical care skills, and there are a number of positions that FACEMs can be engaged in, other than hospital locums:

  • Mine or resource site medical officer
  • Offshore work on vessels and rigs
  • Aero-Medical evacuation
  • Management of event medical services
  • Deployment to disaster areas and major incidents
  • Involvement in defence force exercises

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If locum work is something you’ve been considering, there are some things you’ll need to think about before committing to any work. As an ED consultant, you probably want to know about the jobs, pay and conditions, and what is involved in applying. Here’s a basic rundown, but keep in mind that it is a moving market, and everything is subject to change.

Position Duration Example Locations Pay Benefits Availability of work Additional Qualifications Required
Hospital Locum – Major or regional hospital Single shift – months Albury, Wagga, Tamworth, Alice Springs, Darwin $2000-$2500 per day Generally flights, accommodation and car High None
Hospital Locum – Small/remote hospital A few shifts – months Mt Isa, Northam, Merredin, Karratha $2000-$3000 per day Generally flights, accommodation and car Very High None
Mine/Resource Project/Offshore 2-3 Weeks on/off (FIFO) NW Shelf, Northern Territory, Broome $1600-$2000 per day Flights, on-site accommodation Moderate Experience in occupational health can be a plus. Offshore work may require BOSIET.
Aero-medical evacuation Variable Across Australia, Solomon Islands, PNG $10,000 per week Flights, on-site accommodation Low Experience in AME, HUET.
Event medical services 1-3 days Across Australia $200+ per hour Flights, on-site accommodation Low None
Deployment to disaster areas and major incidents Variable Variable $0-$10,000 per week Flights, variable accommodation Low Previous experience, public health qualifications.
Defence force exercises 1-2 weeks Northern Australia, PNG $10,000 per week Flights, variable accommodation Low Sometimes HUET, previous defence experience.

Naturally, each position and employer does require some paperwork to be completed, and you may need provider numbers in some places. You can generally work as either an employee or a contractor.

In terms of looking for work, you may have enough contacts and colleagues you can talk to about locum jobs. However, you may open yourself to new and different possibilities by speaking with a medical recruitment / locum agency about FACEM locum positions.

Whatever your reason for considering flexible employment as an emergency consultant, there are some very interesting and unique options to think about. This type of work offers you the ability to either work less, or supplement your existing job with something new, or more financially rewarding.


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