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5 Reasons Your Medical CV Isn’t Up To Scratch

Medical CV Isn't Up To Scratch

As a healthcare professional, a CV hasn’t always been important. Often, it was professional connections, friends, or your performance that got you the next job. Things are changing, though, and there are some common issues with CVs that your CV might be suffering from.


1. You Don’t Have A CV

This may sound blatantly obvious, but this is an issue for doctors in particular. I would estimate that 60-70% of the doctors (usually GPs) that I talk to in a week do not have a current CV. They may never have had one, or haven’t updated it in a very long time.


2. Your CV Doesn’t Follow Modern Conventions

What employers expect on a CV changes regularly, and it’s important to keep up to date with what is expected in your profession. What is right for a dentist may not necessarily be right for a nurse or physio job application. Professional bodies or recruitment agencies can give you guidance on what your CV ought to contain, and how it should be laid out.


3. It Is Way Too Long

Keep it to three to four pages. Five pages maximum. It’s okay to have separate documents for your skills log, a full list of published articles, or whatever other information is going to take up space.


4. It Contains Irrelevant Information

While it is very interesting that you enjoy crochet and badminton, it has no bearing on your career. Focus on providing information that has inherent value, and differentiates you from other candidates.


5. The Formatting

Ok, you’re a surgeon, or a physician, or a pharmacist. We get it, you are not a graphic designer. If you struggle to pull something presentable together, ask your kids for help, or talk to a professional medical recruiter, who can often help you with constructing your CV.


A few quick changes can make a world of difference on your CV. Keep these considerations in mind, and your CV will make you a more competitive candidate for your next medical job or locum position.


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