5 Myths About Working With A Medical Recruitment Agency Exploded

Medical Recruitment Agency Exploded

When you decide to look for a new job as a doctor, one of the decisions you’ll need to make is whether to register with a medical recruitment agency. Over my years as a medical recruiter, I’ve seen some persistent myths about agencies that never seem to go away. Like unicorns, some are part reality, part myth.

1. It will cost you money

In Australia, recruitment agencies don’t charge candidates anything for finding them a job. Especially so for healthcare professionals, who are in a huge shortage in the market. It just wouldn’t make economic sense for agencies to charge doctors to look for positions! Agencies actually charge the employer – each agency has a different fee structure, but usually it’s a percentage of salary, or a flat fee. If you are ever asked by a recruitment agency for a payment, run the other way.

2. Employers prefer direct applications

This depends on the position and the employer. If you are applying for a position where there is no shortage (e.g. a popular training program), it is not an advantage to apply through an agency. However, if you are a JMO looking for a locum job, a GP on the hunt for a new job, or you are a specialist position in most fields, most employers will welcome an application via an agency. In fact, many employers will only work with agencies, and prefer to do so because we undertake a lot of the initial work for them.

3. You’ll get less pay

If the employer pays us a fee, they’ll end up paying you less to recoup that, right? Absolutely not! In many cases, a recruitment agency will negotiate a higher rate than you would for yourself, and even ask for added extras in your remuneration like sign on bonuses, relocation allowances, and travel.

4. A recruiter won’t mind if I am registered with 99 other agencies

Yes, they will. We know that you have a lot of choice when you’re looking for a medical recruitment agency. However, the keyword here is choice. That is, make a choice about which agency you would like to work with. After they speak with you, a good recruiter will invest their time and effort to find you what you are looking for.  Of course, you like to keep your options open, but the commitment in the relationship has to be mutual to work. You’ll find a whole new world of doors and medical positions open when you choose a particular recruiter rather than working with everyone under the sun.

5. I can do it myself – I don’t need a recruitment agency.

Do you get frustrated when patients have consulted Dr Google before they come to see you? You’re the expert, right? Of course. Similarly, recruitment is what we do every day. It’s not to say that you can’t find a position yourself, but we will have contacts, jobs, and ideas that you may not. It doesn’t cost anything just to have a quick chat with a medical recruiter before you decide what to do.

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