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5 Good Reasons To Embrace Flexible Healthcare Jobs

Embrace Flexible Healthcare Jobs

Flexible work in healthcare is often known by different names – casual jobs, locum work, contract positions or the like. But, in reality, they are all forms of highly flexible, often very lucrative ways to work.

In other fields, there are probably more opportunities for flexible work. As a healthcare professional, it’s mostly impossible to work 100% remotely. It’s not as if an emergency physician can just ‘phone it in’ on a major trauma, or an RN can dress a wound online! Of course, there are some areas (for example, radiology), where this is possible, but if you’re in an exclusively hands-on profession, there are other options to consider.

In many of the healthcare professions, there is an acute shortage or maldistribution of workers. Following the basic principles of supply and demand, price goes up as availability of positions increases. Along with that, fringe benefits (like travel, accommodation, etc) are often made available.

Flexible work isn’t for everyone. A regular job, with a foreseeable roster and income is attractive for its stability, and the sense of belonging that comes as part of being a team.

That said, it is possible to achieve the best of both worlds in many cases. Among others, here are five good reasons to consider a more flexible working option:

1. Control

By working as a locum/casual/contractor, you have control over where you go, and what you do. Don’t like it? Don’t go back! You can schedule your work around travel/holidays, or even structure it so that you visit friends and family or places you haven’t been.

2. Stage Of Life

This can be at either end of the spectrum. You might work in a Fly-In-Fly-Out position for 12 months in a remote mining town to make the money you need for a house deposit. On the other hand, perhaps you’re near ‘retirement age’, but not quite ready for retirement (but also not so keen on full time work). Flexible work may suit your stage of life better than the 9-5.

3. Variety

Often, working in the same place, in the same job, there may not be so many surprises in terms of the work. By visiting other places, you can potentially gain exposure to a different or more interesting group of patients, or even upskill in ways that you can’t in your regular job.

4. Lifestyle + Money

Do you want to be working 48 weeks a year, or 26 weeks a year? For many medical professionals, it’s possible to do either – while making the same income. If you have other interests outside of medicine, it’s also an opportunity to pursue your love of sailing, knitting, or building your professional ski career.

5. Family

An increasing amount of the health professionals working with our medical recruitment agency are either working parents, or single parents. Flexible jobs give them the ability to make an excellent income, and work the hours right for them, and their family.


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