Corporate Medicine
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Maximise Your Locum Income - Webinar Recording

Do you know what it takes to maximise your income as a locum? In this webinar, we cover: Negotiating pay and added extras When to use a locum recruitment agency (and when not to) Indicative pay rates by specialty Minimum requirements…
Advice for Millennials

The Future Of Job Searching - Advice for Millennials

This article was originally featured on The Career Scoop, a great career education resource for people of all professions.   By Harley Kim People want to get ahead in their lives, and find jobs that lead them to greater things. But…
Embrace Flexible Healthcare Jobs
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5 Good Reasons To Embrace Flexible Healthcare Jobs

Flexible work in healthcare is often known by different names - casual jobs, locum work, contract positions or the like. But, in reality, they are all forms of highly flexible, often very lucrative ways to work. In other fields, there are…
Medical Recruiter Awake at Night
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What Keeps a Medical Recruiter Awake at Night

Ever since the Jayant Patel debacle, there has been intense scrutiny on the recruitment process of doctors, and other healthcare professionals in Australia. The story and prison release of Dr Suresh Nair renewed public interest and discussion…
Locums Doctors Paid
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How Are Locums Doctors Paid?

ln this article, we'll explore how locum doctors are paid, and what you should do before you start locum work. This article is relevant for JMOs, specialists, GPs and everyone in between. Before you start working as a locum doctor, you should…
Specialty Spotlight
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Specialty Spotlight - Lyn Fish - Nurse Practitioner

This week's interview is with nurse practitioner Lyn Fish, whose career has taken her through hospitals, community health, primary health services, and to jobs on remote industrial projects.    Thanks for joining us today, Lyn. How did…
forgotten Australian women doctors
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The forgotten Australian women doctors of the Great War

The War Office regrets it cannot utilise the services of women doctors – Sydney Morning Herald, May 10, 1915. From the outbreak of the first world war until late 1916, military officialdom throughout the British Empire denied women doctors…
Professor Fiona
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Interview With Professor Fiona Wood AM - Specialty Spotlight

Professor Fiona Wood (FRACS AM) is a household name in Australia. Starting life in a small mining village in Yorkshire, she is a luminary of the Australian medical community - developing a revolutionary 'spray on skin' treatment, dealing…
Corporate Medicine
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The Human Side of Corporate Medicine

Given the growing influence of corporations on healthcare in Australia, this is an interesting and blunt insight from the US. Do you think Australia is heading in the same direction, and what influence will it have on healthcare employment?…