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How To Answer "What Is Your Greatest Weakness?"

One common question we are asked is how to answer the dreaded interview favourite: “What is your greatest weakness?”. Let me start my saying that I think this is a lazy, cliche question. Interviewers could be asking far more useful questions,…
Emergency Locums In Australia
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A Quick Guide To Emergency Consultant (FACEM) Locums In Australia

The great thing about being an emergency consultant is having an adaptable, sought after skill set. Across Australia, hospitals are crying out for more emergency consultants, particularly in regional, rural, and remote areas. Much of the time,…
latest victims of globalisation
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Angry doctors are just the latest victims of globalisation

The current threat of a doctors' strike is just the latest example of the unhappiness of NHS staff. 2014 saw strikes from nurses, occupational therapists, porters, paramedics and healthcare assistants – the first in the health service since…
Killer Medical Cover Letter

5 Keys To A Killer Medical Cover Letter

It’s 2am, and you’ve just finished a long shift. Job applications are due by 5pm on the same day, and you’re only halfway through your cover letter. It’s only supposed to be one page long, but you can’t even get to a full page, because…
children out of detention
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Are doctors ethically obliged to keep at-risk children out of detention?

This piece from The Conversation highlights a critical decision that many Australian healthcare professionals will face in the coming years. While the medical, ethical, and legal issues are paramount, there are undoubtedly career ramifications…
Social Media Profile
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5 Ways Your Social Media Profile Could Sabotage Your Next Medical Job Application

Social media is a powerful tool for healthcare professionals. It can educate, help engage, and inform. However, it is now commonplace for employers and recruiters to run searches on social media before making a final employment decision. While…
Dr Michael Tam
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Specialty Spotlight - General Practice - Dr Michael Tam

Dr Michael Tam is a General Practitioner, currently a Staff Specialist in General Practice, General Practice Unit (Fairfield Hospital) and a Conjoint Senior Lecturer, UNSW Australia.   Thanks for joining us for this discussion, Michael.…
ongoing reform
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A 21st-century health system means seamless care and ongoing reform

Australia’s new prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has announced what he calls a “21st-century government”. This article is part of The Conversation’s series focusing on what such a government should look like. Things have changed…
off rural Australians
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Cost of doctor visits putting off rural Australians: report

In some parts of Australia, two to three times more people are avoiding seeing their doctor because they can’t afford it, according to figures released today. A report by the National Health Performance Authority shows that in 2013-14,…