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Webinar Recording - Medical CV and Interview Essentials

This is the video from our recent webinar on medical CVs and interviews. In this 90 minute webinar, we cover what you need to excel at your next medical job application. Whether you’re a JMO, a consultant, nurse, GP, dentist, or a physio,…
Medical CV Isn't Up To Scratch
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5 Reasons Your Medical CV Isn't Up To Scratch

As a healthcare professional, a CV hasn't always been important. Often, it was professional connections, friends, or your performance that got you the next job. Things are changing, though, and there are some common issues with CVs that your…
Recruitment Resus
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What you should expect from your GP

Australia spent $16 billion on GP-related health care in 2012-13. That’s about $690 for each person. Given that our public health system means each of us is paying for health care through our taxes, what should we expect from our doctors? Generally,…
Working As A Locum
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10 Things To Do Before Working As A Locum

So, you think you're ready to work as a locum? Just like any job, there is some preparation and thought that goes into the process that you may not have necessarily considered. Whether you're working as a locum doctor, a physiotherapist, or…
Highest Paying Locum Jobs
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Quick Primer - What Are The 5 Highest Paying Locum Jobs in Australia?

This is the most frequent question potential locum doctors ask, and the answer is sometimes surprising. Historically, sub-specialist consultants have attracted the highest rates, with junior doctors at the bottom of the ladder. There are…
Nurse practitioners
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Australia could do so much more with its nurse practitioners

Nurse practitioners provide a level of health services beyond that of registered nurses. They diagnose and treat health conditions, order and interpret blood and radiology tests, and prescribe medications. In some countries, these high-level…
Advice to medical school
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Advice to my medical school self...

“I start my first clinical clerkship in medical school tomorrow. Any last minute advice?” I stared at the text message from my first cousin as I rolled my first patient of the day back to the operating room. I chuckled to myself. What…
Medical CV and Interview Essentials
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Free Webinar - Medical CV and Interview Essentials

It is a time of year when doctors and other healthcare professionals are applying for jobs and training programs, or thinking about making a change. If you started a one year job halfway through last year, you might even be considering locum…
Quit Medical Job

10 Signs That You Should Quit Your Medical Job

Almost everyone dreams of leaving their job at some time or other, and in a stressful medical position, this can be even more so. If you're spending more and more time thinking about leaving your current job, browsing recruitment agency sites,…
Career Alternative

Small GP Practice Groups Providing A Career Alternative

If you're a GP, it can seem as though the only option is to stick it out in a small or solo practice, or work for a large corporate group. Although there are benefits and drawbacks in either scenario, there is an emerging third alternative that…