Australia's asylum seeker regime

Border Force Act entrenches secrecy around Australia's asylum seeker regime

On Wednesday, the Australian Border Force Act came into force. It makes it an offence for an “entrusted person” (an Australian Border Force employee) to make a record of or disclose “protected information”. This is widely defined to…
Medical Employer

Whatever You Do, Don't Work For This Medical Employer

As a healthcare professional, you have more of a choice than ever about where to work. That said, you don't want to simply step into the next position that comes up. There are some key warning signs that a hospital or practice may not be as…
Woman Doctor
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Book Excerpt: Burning the Short White Coat: A Story of Becoming a Woman Doctor

In “Burning the Short White Coat: A Story of Becoming a Woman Doctor,” author Dr. Eve Shvidler narrates the humor and heartbreak in love and medicine through young medical student Elle Gallagher. A medical chick-lit novel, “Burning the…
Doctors to the bush depends
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RACGP Video - The Good GP Never Stops Learning

The RACGP have recently released a video promoting the role of a GP through the stages of life of one family. It is a touching video, with the theme being 'The good GP never stops learning'. Although the link to that theme isn't readily apparent…
Goldfish-Proof Medical CV Summary
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How To Write A Goldfish-Proof Medical CV Summary

A recent article revealed that the average human attention span has decreased from 12 seconds to 8 seconds in the past fifteen years. In contrast, goldfish are thought to have an attention span of around 9 seconds. While there may be a…
PGY2 Doctors
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Quick Primer - Can PGY2 Doctors Work As Locums?

This is a common question we get from JMOs considering locum work. While we don't recommend giving up your full time position after your first year, it is possible to work as a locum as a PGY2/RMO1. This may be especially suitable for people…
Impossible for doctors to do their job
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Detention gag orders make it impossible for doctors to do their job

Doctors and health professionals have always faced ethical dilemmas when choosing to work in the immigration detention system. The majority do so with the aim of providing high-quality care to a vulnerable group; traumatised adults and children…
Working as a GP
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How To: Working as a GP Locum in Regional, Remote, and Rural Areas

With an acute shortage of doctors in regional, remote, and rural areas in Australia, there are growing opportunities for GPs to work in locum and FIFO positions. Before you get started, there are some things you need to consider before committing…
Guest blogger

Would you like to be a guest blogger?

The following for this blog is growing steadily, and we'd love to feature your stories and your interests to share with our community. We're interested in articles about: Your experiences as a healthcare professional, and interesting stories …
Doctors to the bush depends

Getting doctors to the bush depends on more than just uni places

Prime minister Tony Abbott has justified his decision to help fund a new medical school in Perth by noting that Western Australia lacks locally-trained doctors. But how can we know whether the new institution will help Western Australia’s…