doctor’s spouse
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Married to the job – on being a doctor’s spouse – Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we spoke with Kenna Jefferson, the spouse of an ENT surgeon. This week, we meet Dr Ben Wilkes, a clinical psychologist and spouse of a haematologist. With female doctors representing at least 36% of the medical workforce*,…
Doctor's spouse - Part 1
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Married to the job - on being a doctor's spouse - Part 1

Being in a relationship with a doctor isn't always the easiest gig in the world. Sometimes you see your partner, sometimes you don't. There's the terror of exams, and the inevitable on-call to contend with. In this two-part feature, we interview…
Medical Job Application
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The Top 5 Cliches Never To Use In A Medical Job Application

Are you still using worn-out phrases on your applications? The job application process can be a stressful and bewildering process for healthcare professionals. Whether you’re applying for an RN position, a GP job or a JMO locum position,…
First offer

When negotiating, who should make the first offer?

This post, originally published on The Conversation is a really useful, evidence-based primer on negotiation. Although it isn't specifically about medical or locum job pay, the principles laid out in this article are a great starting point…
Job interview with scrubs
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Dressing For A Funeral - What Not To Wear To Your Next Medical Job Interview

I am sitting across from Michael in the interview room. He has applied for a medical job at the hospital I am recruiting for. He has performed well in the past year, and there is no reason he shouldn’t get the job. As we start the preliminary…