Fake Medical Recruiter

Can You Fake It As A Medical Recruiter?

Let’s face it, as recruitment goes, medical recruitment is hard. Not hard in the ‘big’ scheme of things - it’s much easier looking for jobs for doctors than working underground in a mine, or as a garbage collector - but it’s relatively…
Gaps in Medical CV
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How To Explain The Gaps In Your Medical CV

Most people have a gap in their CV, and as a general rule, having a gap in your work isn't a huge problem - depending on how you deal with it. The extent to which a CV gap will influence your career, or the next job application will depend…
Rate as a junior doctor locum
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How to get the best rate as a junior doctor locum

I was speaking with a junior doctor a few weeks ago, and he mentioned that he would never consider locuming. Of course, I was curious as to why this was the case. He said that he had heard that the rates aren't so good, and he can make more…