Medical Reference

4 Ways to Guarantee a Bad (or Lukewarm) Medical Reference

The Worst Way To Ask Someone for A Reference When trying to pull together references for a job application, the most important thing is to avoid the Lukewarm Reference of Death. This reference isn’t scathing, but isn’t particularly glowing…
Job listing is fake

How to tell if a job listing is fake

If you’re on the hunt for a new medical job, you may have noticed a trend. Sometimes, you see a recruitment agency job listing that doesn’t seem quite right. It might be that the pay is crazily high, or maybe the copy for the ad seems to…
Medical job interview

Partnering with Wollongong RMO Association

In the busy life of a doctor, career management might seem like an abstract, irrelevant concept. Who has time for career planning when you have to work long hours in a high pressure job?  It’s easy to get consumed by the demands of your day…